It’s true… December days can feel too short. Seems you’ve barely finished your lunchtime latte, and already the shadows are carpeting Montreal sidewalks, the wind whisking another day under the rug. Until December 21, that is… What better time to fire up a little mistletoe mojo than Winter Solstice Eve? Sitting still, the sun will soon slip us a seductive smile that says: “I’m coming home.”

With the holidays brewing, I propose we jingle-bell-rock the socks off one of the darkest nights of the year and celebrate the return of the light. LOWER THE STARS and J.P. MORTIER will be joining KIMBERLY AND THE DREAMTIME for this lustrous soirée, tripling your sonic satisfaction. All that’s needed to complete this rock ’n’ roll ritual is YOU. Yes, that’s right: YOU. Each and every one of your smiles will add to the glow at Casa del Popolo, so, on Monday, December 21, 2015, please join us for a night that burns through the dark like a chic chandelier.

See you in the shimmer,



December 21, 2015

Celebrate Winter Solstice Eve with

J.P. Mortier 
Lower the Stars 

Casa del Popolo
4871, boul. St-Laurent
Doors at 7 pm. 

Advance tickets $8 

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$10 at door

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