Stuff speaks to us. Sometimes it says nice things; sometimes it fills subconscious ears with tired, limiting tunes about your own worth or prospects, hindering evolution towards higher versions of yourself.

I’m back in clutter-clearing mode. Having moved three times in four years, I’ve had no choice but to radically pare down my possessions. Yet, somehow, this still doesn’t feel like enough. The process has made me hyper-aware of how inner and outer worlds mirror each other. This year, I’m letting go because I feel like it, not because I have to.

I’ve begun my spring cleaning, parting with those objects which no longer reflect my new goals and visions. Making space for fresh music, ideas, and art projects. Celebrating by smudging freshly cleaned corners with sage, heightening the ritual and speeding up the spell. Switching my focus forward. Choosing consciously who I want to become, rather than letting “who I’ve been” shape my every heartbeat. It’s amazing how getting rid of even one object, or cleaning out a single drawer, can shift the rhythm of a room—and by extension, your life. 

Feeling a little lighter already. Younger even. This is me. Loving today.

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